Monday, September 27, 2010

I want to be a ...

Recently I happened to be a part of a discussion, where in they were discussing about giving awards and recognition to people who have done something good/better than the others, so that it would motivate them and everybody around them.I personally disagree to that. I felt it would only result in group-ism and complexes.This is of course a totally different debate! My thought process as usual went right to the roots and I started wondering..

What motivates a person to do something??
After a lot of thinking and analysis (bounded by my own perceptions and knowledge) I came to the conclusion that there are only 3 types of motivation -

1) Passion driven.
2) Necessity driven - generally financial necessity
3) Ego booster - People who want to prove to the others that they are better ( remember chatur of 3 idiots? :P ) , for the sake of social acceptance and the like..

Whatever other factors came to my mind, all of them fell into one of these three categories.
Then I wondered why I feel motivated to do something, then I change my mind, then I shift to something else and that continues.. I have such a short lived motivation for the many things that I do. I see around me people of my age or less who are so definite about what they want to do/become in life, whereas here I am, feeling just the way I felt at school when somebody asked me -"What do you want to be when you are older?" and a hundred different things came to my mind and I fancied being something different each day! I feel exactly the same way even today.

After a little more thinking and analysis, I concluded that probably I haven't found 'The Thing' I want to do in my life. Also, that its best to continue experimenting and exploring so that in every experiment I learn something more about myself. Hopefully, one day I ll just know what I want to become! :-)